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“You may not see all the details, but you will feel them.” Unpacked will take you on an artistic and poetic journey, exploring some of the subtle details that enhance the AC Hotel guests’ experience.

Unpacked 'Gin Tonic Glass’

“Gin Tonic Glass” will showcase the journey of the many details that went into our new cocktail glass, from its conception to the first ice-cold sip.

Interview with Nigel Barker

“People are surprised by the nuance of the aromas that come from a great gin tonic.” Watch the interview with Nigel Barker, Creative Director of the AC Gin Tonic glass.

Unpacked "Architecture"

Beauty is more than you can see. It’s what you can feel. Watch the film and take a journey inside our mindful architecture.

Interview with David Helpern

“The architecture of AC Hotels influences all of the senses.” Watch the interview with AC architect, David Helpern and discover the impact design has on our guests’ everyday life.

Unpacked “Between the Woods”

Watch the film and discover how “Between the Woods,” our signature fragrance, influences the senses.

Interview with Frederick Bouchardy

“It means to be inspiring and refreshing, and also grounding and comforting.” Watch the interview with Frederick Bouchardy, founder of Joya Studio and the creator of our signature scent.

Unpacked “The Machine”

“The Machine” will reveal the unique details that make the Berkel slicer more than an iconic design piece, but also a unique experience for our guests.

Interview with Alberto Gonzalez

“It’s not only about the performance. It’s about the experience.” Watch the interview with Alberto Gonzalez, VP of Sales & Marketing at Berkel Slicers, and see how a 120-year-old meat slicer became a timeless icon of design.

AC Unpacked: A Conversation

AC Unpacked: A Conversation

Introducing ‘AC Unpacked: A Conversation’:
a new event series that brings together a creative class of visionaries - unpacking their global perspective on the things that matter today across the spectrum of Travel, Experience, Vision and Design.

The series will launch at AC Times Square, and will also come to life at AC Hotels all around the world.

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Unpacked "Series"

The series launched at AC Times Square and will continue to come to life at AC Hotels all around the world.